TruU Enables Digital & Physical Security And Workplace Of The Future Use Cases



TruU integrates with your existing infrastructure to securely and seamlessly authenticate users in the digital world. TruU automatically and continuously monitors and analyzes user behaviors across digital and physical mediums.  We determine true identity and real-time security risk through a mixture of biometrics,  behaviors, and interactions. TruU represents a paradigm shift from point-in-time authentication to continuous identification. TruU is always multi-factor (something you have = phone / something you are = you) and always easy for users.




TruU’s desktop solution (Windows and macOS), enables password-less access to users’ desktops. Users are automatically logged in without credentials based on proximity, and the screen is automatically locked when the user walks away. This both increases your security posture and makes life easier for your users. With TruU, you get all of the security associated with smart cards, without the hassles and complexity!




This same solution integrates with your Identity and Access Management solution for password-less SSO into your applications. Whether using a native mobile app or a SaaS app via a browser, TruU identifies the user and grants access seamlessly using behavior or biometrics from the user’s mobile device.



TruU integrates with your existing physical infrastructure to securely and seamlessly provide access to users in the physical world.  TruU continuously identifies users in order to seamlessly grant access to physical locations.

TruU’s physical solution integrates with your existing Physical Access Control System in order to enable secure and seamless entry in the physical world.  The TruU Mobile App replaces the plastic badge as the mechanism to unlock your doors.  TruU’s rich policy engine provides administrators with the ability to determine how users unlock the door: using the phone as a badge (coarse—grain access, where possession of the phone is sufficient), or seamless access where identity is verified using behavior, or biometrics.


Ambient Identity Platform 

TruU’s converged security platform is the industry’s first system to leverage artificial intelligence, biometrics, and user behavior to provide a trusted user identity that can seamlessly migrate across digital and physical mediums.  Our platform understands the behaviors of our users and can identify them with over 99% accuracy by monitoring their digital and physical interactions.  No need for passwords, but we do allow our customers to verify identity through biometrics.  With this level of user understanding and intelligence it becomes trivial for our platform to identify security risks in real-time.

Our deep understanding of physical space combined with powerful machine learning and AI techniques allows us to enable dynamic business processes, workflows, and automations.  Our platform intuitively understands the physical world that a user interacts with and the user’s micro and macro position in space through time.  With this contextual rich information, our system powers identity-based business processes, automated digital and physical asset provisioning, person-to-person trusted and verified transactions, and person-to-machine transactions.


We have taken an API-first / SDK-first approach to developing our platform so that our customers and partners can extend our technology to create new solutions leveraging our Ambient Identity.