Physical security is critical for organizations to protect their most important assets: their people, and the things they use every day.  Yet, the technology we use to protect these assets are old, out of date and unsecure.  Access badges came into the market in the 1960s and the industry has largely maintained the status quo.  However, the access badge only proves one thing: the user has possession of the badge (or was close enough to make a copy of the badge).

Of course, there are alternatives, like adding biometric scanners as a 2nd factor, but this adds cost and often creates another attack vector as the users’ biometrics need to be maintained in a database.


Physical Security Reimagined

TruU has reimagined physical security and leverages a single trusted user identity using a combination of AI models based on user behavior and biometrics to continuously identify your people, creating what we refer to as an Ambient Identity. TruU integrates with a customer’s existing Physical Access Control System (PACS) to unlock doors without a badge.

All access is multi-factor yet seamless for the user, and biometric options can be added through software by simply leveraging the biometric capabilities already available on the users’ mobile phones.


Security for…Desktops


Security for…Apps