Data breaches happen nearly every day, they are tremendously expensive to organizations and the vast majority are caused by compromised credentials.  The computer password was introduced in the 1960s and let’s face it, passwords don’t work.  Passwords only prove one thing: the user knows the password.

Of course, there are alternatives, like smart cards, and mitigating solutions like multi-factor authentication.  While the smart card does solve the password problem, smart cards are difficult and expensive to deploy and adding multi-factor is merely an accommodation for the underlying password problem.


Desktop Security Reimagined

TruU has reimagined digital security and leverages a single trusted user identity using a combination of AI models based on user behavior and biometrics to continuously identify your people, creating what we refer to as an Ambient Identity. TruU integrates with a customer’s existing user directory for group policy and management but enables customers to finally remove the password from that directory. With TruU, users log into their computers based on proximity while securely and seamlessly proving their identity via behavior or biometrics.


Security for…Doors


Security for…Apps