Ambient Identity Platform Powered Real-Time by AI


TruU Identity Platform:

Digital & Physical Security Reimagined

The TruU Identity Platform enables secure frictionless interactions between the digital and physical world. TruU automatically and continuously monitors and analyzes user behaviors across digital and physical mediums. We determine true identity and real-time security risk through a mixture of biometrics, behaviors, and interactions.


TruU Identity Platform: Powered Real-Time by AI & ML

TruU’s mission is to unlock a new converged world of frictionless digital and physical security powered by AI-based ambient identity. Our solution enables a paradigm shift, moving from point-in-time authentication to continuous identification, which improves both digital and physical security while simultaneously removing friction for users.

TruU’s Identity Platform leverages artificial intelligence, deep learning, and biometrics from a variety of sources through an ensemble model to provide a trusted ambient user identity.


With Truu you gain

Improved Security and Usability

The platform continuously leverages data to identify users, and falls back to biometrics when identity is not certain or if required by company policy. This unique approach allows businesses to operate with full confidence that access to corporate resources is only granted to the right individuals.

The TruU platform enables not only advanced security, but also identity driven process automation and resource optimization. The platform continuously understands who someone is as well as how they interact with the world and environment around them. This information opens up a whole new world in process optimization, which will be used to redefine future business process automation.


No badges

for doors


No passwords

for computers


No passwords

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